Monday, 2 October 2017

Commandos 2 Free Download PC Game Full Version - Free games ever

Commandos 2 Free Download game for his pc, mobile, laptop and android.This is a action game i hopefully says that when you play this game you really enjoy this game. Cactus Mccoy game 

Commandos 2 Beyond the Call of Duty ends up feeling like a shadow of its former self, This game are related to the call of the duty. When you play this game for his first attempted this is a difficult to play when you play this 2 and 3 time when you play easily this game.Commandos 2 game has 7 mission every mission are very interesting.

During Gameplay type gonzoopera then enter the following code:
CHEAT                          Effect
Ctrl + F9                        Debug Info
Ctrl + Shift + X               Destroy Everything
Shift + E                        Edit Mission
Ctrl + L                          Invincibility
Ctrl + I                           Invisibility
Alt + I                            Picte Interface
Shift + X                        Pointer on Selected Commandos
Ctrl + Shift + N              Skip Current Mission
F9                                 Terrain Info
Shift + V                        User Traces
Shift + F1                       View Video Mode 1
Shift + F2                      View Video Mode 2
Shift + F3                      View Video Mode 3
Shift + F4                      View Video Mode 4

Alt + Shift + L               Write Info in “memlin.dat”

Screen Shots

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